Web Application Firewall

Information On Web Application Firewall (WAF), With Azure Front Door.

Submitted by DataPrimeCloud on Sun, 08/07/2022 - 16:00

Introduce to Web Application Firewall (WAF), with Azure Front Door. How to configure and block malicious attacks against web applications at the edge of Microsoft's network. WAF with Azure Front Door is the best solution to help protect your web applications without compromising on delivery speed, link below to a video.

  Click here for link to the video



Information On FortiWeb, Fortinet’s Web Application Firewall.

Submitted by DataPrimeCloud on Mon, 09/09/2019 - 21:17

For this post I am going to talk about FortiWeb, Fortinet’s Web Application Firewall. Remember a Web application firewall (WAF) is an application firewall for HTTP applications. A web application firewall will filters, monitors, and blocks HTTP traffic to and from a web application. It applies a set of rules to an HTTP conversation. Generally, these rules cover common attacks such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection.

Drupal Security with Web Application Firewall.

Submitted by DataPrimeCloud on Wed, 07/10/2019 - 20:20

I found this video on Drupal South YouTube page, talking about securing your Drupal website with Cloudflare. In the video, you have Sean Hamlin, Principal Technical Account Manager, for Acqulia. going through the best practices of setting up a Web Application Firewall, and how you can adapt these practices to your Drupal site.