Azure Front Door

Information On Web Application Firewall (WAF), With Azure Front Door.

Submitted by DataPrimeCloud on Sun, 08/07/2022 - 16:00

Introduce to Web Application Firewall (WAF), with Azure Front Door. How to configure and block malicious attacks against web applications at the edge of Microsoft's network. WAF with Azure Front Door is the best solution to help protect your web applications without compromising on delivery speed, link below to a video.

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Web Application Firewall with Azure Front Door Service.

Submitted by DataPrimeCloud on Sat, 08/24/2019 - 13:31

For this post I am going to talk about Web Application Firewall (WAF) with Azure Front Door service. WAF with Front Door can protect hosted on Azure Cloud services as well as those that are hosted on other clouds platforms and even host that are hosted on Premise. Network Administrator can create custom rules with the following features, rate limiting rules, request method-based access control, amd IP allow list and block list.