First look at the WordPress 6.2 beta to see some of the new features.   Refinements and improvements had been made to WordPress 6.2 as well as ease of use, are the main focus areas of WordPress 6.2 update. 

Among those improvements are a new approach to navigating between templates and template parts, an additional way to manage menus with the navigation block, and the ability to import widgets to block themes.  Links below with information about the WordPress 6.2 update.

First link is a blog by Sarah Gooding, titled “WordPress 6.2 Openverse Integration Updated to Upload Inserted Images.” WordPress 6.2’s Openverse integration is getting some last minute changes after contributors expressed concerns about it hotlinking images on the site by default. The new feature allows users to quickly insert free, openly-licensed media into their content, link below.

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Video that takes a  look at the WordPress 6.2 beta to see some of the new features and enhancements coming to Gutenberg and the Site Editor, link below to a video from “David McCan’s” YouTube channel.

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Link below to a blog by Jason Cosper, titled “WordPress 6.2 is Coming Soon! Here’s Your First Look.”

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OpenAI ChatGPT comes to Drupal Content Management System (CMS).  With a Drupal module, ChatGPT Content Generator module, Drupal users will be able to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their Drupal website.  It will add a link on the content add, and edit page.  Users can copy the AI generated content from the popup and can create and develop new Drupal content with it.  The ChatGPT Content Generator module is available for the following versions, Drupal 9 and 10. ChatGPT is just one of the artificial generational intelligence, built by OpenAI.

The ChatGPT Content Generator module can generate content for any content type that has a title and body field as well as generate images for detected image fields. Generating random content could be useful for teams who want to see more than lorem ipsum text content on Drupal pages and fill it with real text to see how those pages lay out with real content. There are three links below with more information on Drupal ChatGPT Content Generator module.

Information on ChatGPT Content Generator module, Drupal Content Management System (CMS), link below to the Drupal project page.

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Link below to a video from “OSTraining’s YouTube channel.

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Blog I found titled, “The Rise of OpenAI and ChatGPT,” link below.

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Tonight’s post is going to be on JavaScript.  JavaScript is a programming language that  is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web, alongside HTML and CSS. As of 2022, 98% of websites use JavaScript on the client side for webpage behavior, often incorporating third-party libraries.

The video below talks about five JavaScript trends for 2023, listed below.

   - Writing less JavaScript.

   - Using less JavaScript in Build Tools.

   - Using more JavaScript Runtime.

   - Shipping less JavaScript to the browser.

   - More JavaScript Meta Frameworks.

Link below to a video from “James Q Quick’s” YouTube channel, with more information about these trends.

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Tonight, post I would like to share a blog from Microsoft, tilted “Microsoft Innovation in RAN Analytics and Control,” written by Yousef Khalidi Corporate Vice President, Azure for Operator. In the blog they talk the recent advancements made with RAN analytics and control technology.

Ran stands for Radio Access Network (RAN), it provides the technology to connect users, including mobile phones or enterprises, to the mobile network over radio waves.  Microsoft has recently made important progress in RAN analytics. Microsoft Azure for Operators it has introducing flexible, dynamically loaded service models to both the RAN software stack and cloud/edge platforms hosting the RAN, to accelerate the pace of innovation in Open RAN.

Open RAN is to accelerate innovation in the RAN space through the disaggregation of functions and exposure of internal interfaces for interoperability, controllability, and programmability, link below to the blog with more information.

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