Tonight, post I would like to share a blog from Microsoft, tilted “Microsoft Innovation in RAN Analytics and Control,” written by Yousef Khalidi Corporate Vice President, Azure for Operator. In the blog they talk the recent advancements made with RAN analytics and control technology.

Ran stands for Radio Access Network (RAN), it provides the technology to connect users, including mobile phones or enterprises, to the mobile network over radio waves.  Microsoft has recently made important progress in RAN analytics. Microsoft Azure for Operators it has introducing flexible, dynamically loaded service models to both the RAN software stack and cloud/edge platforms hosting the RAN, to accelerate the pace of innovation in Open RAN.

Open RAN is to accelerate innovation in the RAN space through the disaggregation of functions and exposure of internal interfaces for interoperability, controllability, and programmability, link below to the blog with more information.

Click here for the blog.