For this post I am going to talk about Solution Filtering for Visual Studio Code. To improve performance when opening large solutions, Visual Studio 2019 introduced solution filtering.  Solution filtering lets you open a solution with only selective projects loaded. Loading a subset of projects in a solution decreases solution load, build, and test run time, and enables more focused review.

Link below to a video talking about working with Solution Filters, that allow you to selectively choose which subset of projects get loaded in order to improve Visual Studio Code.  Second link is to a blog from Microsoft, with case studies of organizations using Solution Filters.

Video on using Solution Filters in Visual Studio Code.

  Click here for a video

Link below to a blog by Microsoft, with more information on Solution Filters.

  Click here for a blog.



Information on the Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers. The Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers provide routing, hosting, security, and network switching.  User’s will be able to build their digital branch to be secure, fast, and scalable. Quickly adopt advanced technologies, such as SD-WAN, enhanced application visibility, and edge computing.  Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers will also meet the heavy network-performance demands, driven by cloud application, link below.

Click here for a Cisco website, with more information.



Simply your multicloud Kubernetes deployments, with Anthos, with a focus on running Anthos clusters on Microsoft’s Azure. Anthos on Azure provides a way to manage Kubernetes clusters that run on the Azure infrastructure with the Anthos Multi-Cloud API, link below to video, from Google Cloud Tech YouTube channel, on how to get started. 

Click here for the video.


For today’s post, I would like to share a video from “Microsoft Developer,”  YouTube Channel. Talking about working with Azure SQL optimizing  for Virtual Machine storage, is a critical areas to focus on when architecting for performance with SQL Server, on a  Azure Virtual Machines.

Virtual machines have input/output operations per second and throughput performance limits based on the virtual machine type and storage limits. This is part one of this seven-part VM series, that cover how capping occurs at the virtual machine and storage levels and how caching can help remove the impact of  these performance limits, link below to the video.

Click here for the video.