Information on the RAMCHECK LX memory tester offers users an affordable way to reliably test and identify problems for laptop, desktop and server memory. Testing can be done on the following types ram DDR4, DDR3, DDR2, PC466/433/400 DDR and 168-pin SDRAM.

With some optional adapters, you can also test DDR3 LRDIMM, 204-pin DDR3 SO-DIMM and 200-pin laptop SODIMM, DDR chips, Sun Microsystems memory, even legacy SIMMs, EDO and FPM modules. Link below with more information about the tester RAMCHECK LX.

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I got into website building/development back in 2015. I started off with HTML & PHP, and then I movie over to Drupal 7, from there move on to Drupal 8. For this post I going to share the following video, “Dissecting a security audit: common issues and how to fix them,” from Drupal South Hobart 2019.

DrupalSouth is the regional Drupal conference for Australia and New Zealand. Originally started in New Zealand in 2008. The 2019 DrupalSouth Hobart was held at Hotel Grand Chancellor,in Hobart, Australia from Wednesday 27th November to Friday 29th November. 


Link below to he video from DrupalSouth session.

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Information Technology Industry is experiencing a rapid adoption of container enabled environments, example Docker and Kubernetes.  These approaches enable applications to leverage the key features of these new environments, such that they are not just cloud hosted, but rather cloud-native. These environments, however, come with a learning curve, presenting new challenges for current developers who simply want to write, deploy, and debug their code quickly.  Below is a link to a blog titled “Codewind + Appsody + Tekton = Easier Cloud-Native Development.”

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